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IPTV Broadcasting ordered the inventory of non-compliance

April 12, SARFT issued to the provincial Radio and TV together, "Paper No. 41." Some radio and television reporter from the operator was informed, the article asked for authorization to carry out without the Administration of Radio IP TV business area, will follow the "Internet audio-visual program service regulations," such regulations shall be investigated according to law, the deadline to stop violations carried out by IP TV services.

This means that, in addition to previously eligible to receive IPTV Second Floor City, Province 12 (Yunnan, Jiangsu, Shanghai, Harbin, Dalian and so on) areas, including Guangdong, Fujian, Zhejiang province of IPTV IPTV business users will be compelled to call stop.

Has invested heavily for China Telecom, China Unicom and other carriers, is not only front-failed to be implemented, but will face more than 1.5 million complaints from users trouble.

IPTV broadcast inventory

While radio and television, the two departments of Industry and by the end of May before the introduction of triple play pilot program for active communication, and deliberately play down in February this year, Guangxi IPTV halt the impact of the incident, the situation suddenly nosedive.

Radio and television insiders have told reporters operators, in fact, early in April had already received a notice to check the local Administration of IPTV services, and on April 12 an internal document clearly states that the restrictions in the inventory after the cessation of illegal conduct in the IPTV business.

It is noteworthy that early in February this year, SARFT issued to the local radio and television sector, "On mandated an immediate end to the Shanghai Television Station of Guangxi, Xinjiang Telecom's IPTV program source to provide notice" and "On prosecute unauthorized launch IP TV in Guangxi Telecom business emergency notice ", then 14 cities in Guangxi Telecom's IP TV signal source and business operations have been stopped.

Gehua are told reporters, "This is his relentless pursuit of the SARFT, IPTV has already affected business operators, interactive high-definition TV broadcast the user's development."

Baoji, Shaanxi, for example, Baoji City 610 Office, the public security, and radio and television, four departments have jointly issued the "IPTV on the conduct of the violation notice for specific work," clearly calls for an immediate cessation of illegal development of IPTV business, take the initiative to dismantle the facility in administration and to ask each guest houses, hotels, entertainment and residential area users should feel safe viewing broadcast television programs.

Shaanxi Broadcasting Network, according to concerned parties, starting from August 2009 within the jurisdiction of Baoji Radio Meixian telecommunications companies not winning the "information network dissemination of audio-visual program permits" the case, the Mei County Tangyu Water hotels, guest houses too white , Baoji Central Garden International Hotel and other hotels and three residential building sector to carry out IPTV services, and the Baoji Telecom's IPTV users in April this year has reached nearly 10,000, radio and television sector in the Baoji investigation has been seized a large number of IPTV set-top boxes.

Baoji's case has shown the determination of the IPTV broadcasting halt, while SARFT wording of article 41 is very strict: "Some of the local telecommunications company to carry out without the authorization of SARFT IP TV services, serious harm to national network information security, affecting the work of the State Council on the strategic plan and integrate the three networks broadcasting the normal construction business. "

Obviously for IPTV, although SARFT also all halted operations after the implementation of this inventory, but it is facing six years the most critical situation.

It is noteworthy that truly meet the current development of qualified local IPTV floor area only in Yunnan, Jiangsu, Shanghai, Harbin, Heihe, Mudanjiang, Fuzhou, Xiamen, Taizhou, Xi'an, Hanzhong, Panjin, Shenyang, Dalian, two provinces and 12 cities, and the remaining IPTV business areas will be illegal as a violation of local radio and television bureau. This includes the IPTV business of the most dynamic region of 101 million users in Shanghai, there are 71 million users in Guangdong Telecom, Fujian Telecom's 300,000 users.

Editor of China Digital TV package Ran told reporters, "The number of radio and television inventory spread over 1.5 million users, accounting for IPTV subscribers nearly 1 / 3, where the telecom operators facing a lot of pressure."

According to report, China Telecom's IPTV subscribers by the end of 2009 already exceeded 3.62 million, China Unicom to 500,000 IPTV subscribers, in addition to Hangzhou, China has 56 million users while the number (of which Zhejiang 420000). However, China, Hangzhou is the number of radio and television led and halted the main targets of SARFT is China Telecom and China Unicom launched the IPTV business.

It is reported that telecom operators have been IPTV users this year the number of development goals set at 900 million, while the radio and the halt to this goal seems far away.

10000 Guangdong Telecom's call, customer service personnel told reporters: "At present we are still in the Internet video service bundled with broadband service, is 30 yuan per month the monthly fee, currently still receiving customer inquiries and orders."

Guangdong Telecom, the person said, "We have not received formal notification of IPTV halted."

Telecom "false start"

"This is a self-protection response radio and television, as telecom operators IPTV has affected the foundation of radio and television." In Internet CEO who will be out wide so that.

In fact, the two IPTV sector in the triple play has been the focus of competition of interests, both in early April the first draft submitted by the three are integrated program, both sides of the conflict has been very prominent.

Sources told us that in the first draft submitted to the State Department, the Radio and Television hopes to include Internet data transmission, IP phones, domestic value-added telecommunications businesses full access to, and not limited pilot cities, and also asked Telecom IPTV service control in the pilot within the city limits, with a clear tendency that the policy is clearly not allow carriers to accept.

It is reported that SARFT hope that IPTV services have been opened outside the city, then there is a certain increase in radio and television-based broadband radio and television into the city to compete in value-added telecommunications services, such as Shenzhen, Hangzhou, Chongqing, Wuhan, Changsha and other cities.

Differences in the two departments severe cases, the State Council Coordinating Group has been the lack of convergence as the first draft of operable to play back both sides to be revised and resubmitted, and hope by the end of May this year, each of the parties to compromise before the end of the pilot after the formation of program.

But the two sides are still estimated to reach a consensus in some areas, including Ran told reporters, "according to the first draft of the two sides, both sides agreed to before the end of 2012 domestic broadband access standards up to 8Mb / s."

April 8, six ministries and the Ministry of Industry Joint (Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Science, the Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Land, Housing and Urban-Rural Construction, the State Administration of Taxation) issued a 105 paper, proposed investment in 3 years 150 billion yuan added 50 million broadband users by 2011 the average city user access capacity of 8 megabits per second over fiber to the home reaches 80 million.

Appears in the broadcasting, telecommunications operators will not only compliance time from the two sides reached a year ahead of schedule in 2012, and will range from the original pilot cities extended to all cities, in addition to Telecom's fiber to the home network is fatal for the wide of.

Then, China Telecom general manager Wang Xiaochu should be made to rapidly expand the scale of the existing bandwidth to the end of 2010 more than 70% of urban users nationwide achieve 12Mb / s access capacity, before their plan is to 4Mb / s.

Obviously the goal of accelerating the development of broadband to broadcast was unprecedented pressure, SARFT deputy director of science and technology in conjunction Wang told reporters: "12M transmission access is exactly the basic requirements for high-definition television is clearly telecom operators, has targeted the high-definition IPTV services, and although SARFT has been aware of the high-definition television is the biggest advantage of radio and television, but local radio and television operators in high-definition television to promote slow to catch up with the opportunity to see the telecommunications. "

In addition, telecom operators had been able to narrow the bandwidth of the Condition of the IPTV, because the use of a new generation of highly efficient H.264 video coding, more efficient than broadcast widely used MPGE2 2.5 times higher. In other words, to carry out the same video telecommunications services, radio and television less than 2.5 times the bandwidth, but after the advance in telecommunications bandwidth, high definition IPTV easier.

Triple play and difficult

In accordance with the Ministry of Industry and Minister Li Yi's speech during the two sessions this year, triple play in the pilot area and details of the implementation of the program is expected to determine by the end of May this year and in June started a pilot, but for now the two sides of the conflict has not diminished.

SARFT Science and Technology Department official said, "Who beat the gun before the three are integrated, should be punished, if we then go to the Internet for export, it is estimated that telecommunications will halt, or even sealing of radio and television operators IDC. "

In fact, the two sides on their respective areas of strength have kept a very wary manner, after China Telecom and China Unicom have been repeatedly checked broadband services exports.

Gehua are told reporters, "as both referees and players are not actually broadcasting first, the broadband business, telecommunications, the Internet not only controls the export, but also participate in the access network competition is a clear example of double identity."

It is noteworthy that some areas had radio and TV operators and telecom operators in the IPTV and digital TV competition to maintain a certain amount of understanding, according to Deputy General Manager Luo cloth Gehua saying that both sides keep his own Chu boundary line is drawn, 涓嶆暍瓒婇浄姹犱竴姝? in some places has been made in the three are integrated cooperation.

This reporter has learned, including Hubei Ezhou, Xinzhou, Shanxi and other places of local broadcasting and telecommunications operators in the triple play pilot cooperation is also facing challenges.

IPTV broadcast inventory in the same time, the two sides are also in broadband network construction to begin a new round of distribution, while in Shanghai NGB pilot, local radio and television broadcasting operators are proposed to increase network bandwidth to 10 megabytes or more, while Shanghai and other telecommunications operators have made in 2012, Shanghai achieved "Fast home, Gigabit into the building, 1 million megabytes export" of network coverage.

Clearly both sides have been focusing on the future layout of the curtain was opened, he will be out, told reporters, "are all the stock of broadband and IPTV market, broadcasting and telecommunications should help integrate the three networks and opportunities to develop more new incremental markets The Government should not conduct business in these existing low-level scramble. "

But both De contradictions may Zai temporarily eased the short term, Sources told reporters, "The State Council will organize the two ministries in the near future a new round of Gou Tong, Jie Shi made the two sides may Douyao certain concession and the attitude of IPTV broadcasting right may also shift from the current inventory of the contents of more stringent regulation, and telecommunications may agree to increase the number of triple play broadband services such as pilot cities. "


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Friday, October 15, 2010

Three Gateway "resistance" Sohu Olympics dismissed Charles Zhang

July 18, Sina, Tencent and Netease reported three Olympics portal joint venture alliance aimed against Sohu. This level and scale of the "encirclement and suppression" action in the Chinese Internet business war unprecedented in history. In response, Charles Zhang, Sohu yesterday, Chairman of the Board's dismissive attitude.

Sohu Olympic giant intolerable a dominant

, To decide the fate. As the exclusive Internet sponsor of the Olympic Games, Sohu monopolize a large number of core resources, such as exclusive interviews with online media right to the Olympic Games. With the approaching 2008 Olympic Games, Sohu's natural advantages increasingly obvious, a direct threat to the interests of other domestic commercial websites bottom line.

The first outbreak of resistance from Tencent. Early, Tencent announced signing four Olympic gold medals popular project team, and claimed the four teams will be the exclusive publishing platform. To Sina, Tencent and Netease is scheduled for today's release, it is contrary to the industry expected, the three parties will disclose an agreement, the content is in the depth of cooperation such as the Olympic coverage.

Over the years, the three portals struggled, never made any one joint large-scale commercial cooperation. Pressure generated power, none of the portals are willing to be marginalized in the Olympic coverage, that means a huge loss of business and brand.

Sohu Olympic logo advertising alone this one

Sohu will alone, Charles Zhang will become indifferent, "Olympic sponsors enjoy the rights of the most stringent protection of competitors without resources, even if not loosely together as nothing but create some momentum only, unless the merger of several companies . "

Charles Zhang also reminded Sina, Tencent, Netease, "in accordance with the provisions of any name of the Olympic rings logo of Internet advertising, can only be released in Sohu." As we all know, the Olympic Games sponsorship is the backbone of the Olympic advertising market, millions of dollars take out, care about the Olympic flag is respected, so that rings disappeared in the ad, not an Olympic sponsor can tolerate.

But faced with the most powerful media alliance, Sohu real strategy is "outside the loose in tight." Thorough investigation of the rival lobbying organization, "pushing boundaries" practices, Sohu has with China Interactive Sports, CCTV be a strategic partner, and bind a large number of urban domestic media and hundreds of radio stations and brought other players invited Liu to open a blog . Opponents only had 250 million registered users Tencent, and Sohu to the same human wave tactics.

Portal business war torn off the last veil

Curiously, Sohu counterattack yesterday brewing, it is indeed blog community with a focus Sina. Yesterday, Sohu high-profile release of "Sohu 3.0", which actually is a personal blog entry for the Internet portal, and integration of his command Sogou, Chinaren, 17173, focus on real estate, video, online music and other product lines.

Charles Zhang is convinced that such "sensual pleasures" personal portal, for most blog will constitute a temptation, "This powerful personal space, will be WEB3.0 era of 'Open House', early next year will exceed 20 million Sohu blog , part of which is moving over from Sina's. "

Portal is the industry's temperature is a basic conflict of Judgement - Olympic Games, the domestic portal structure will be a foregone conclusion. A variety of competition on stage for. Yesterday noon, conference room into Sohu and found the staff is scrambling to erase the writing on the blackboard, is said to be commercially sensitive, but only able to see the word reporter - got hit for QQ.

Charles Zhang, Sohu Chairman of the Board -

Sina with our friendship has never been

Reporter: Tencent president pointed out that the monopoly will never let Sohu Olympics, how do you think?

Charles Zhang: Olympic years the Internet the first time the project sponsor, the Chinese Olympic Committee and BOCOG attach great importance to Beijing, we have no monopoly of the Olympic Games, only act in accordance with the contract. We are official Olympic sponsors and the Olympic network organizer, but also the Chinese sports delegation, the Chinese Olympic Committee partners have exclusive rights in many areas.

Reporter: Can Tencent has signed four of China's badminton gold medal favorites.

Charles Zhang: You can pay attention to detail, Tencent release signed in the news, on its Web site full of "official" word can be changed after several hours of "full support" of a team. Other sites can certainly report the Olympic Games, but not crossed.

Reporter: Sina other three sites will be released the "Joint Declaration on the Olympic coverage," Sohu ever feel the pressure?

Charles Zhang: Yes, opponents feel the pressure. During the Olympics, all related to the behavior of the Internet are highly centralized in the unified market development, Sohu Olympics advantage of protected content with the five ring logo of Internet advertising can only appear in the Sohu Internet, opponents of the "edge ball" is a play fails .

Reporter: Olympic competition is so fierce, why the most important event next week, Sohu is "blog time"?

Charles Zhang: That is our idea of a complete technology-driven debut, the blog will no longer be a simple text display, but the online entry and personal space, users can enjoy, including mail, alumni, music, video, news and all other Sohu products.

Reporter: But is also very easy to imitate rivals.

Charles Zhang: opponents can only learn its shape, can not learn their God. In fact, the Sohu blog with a small piece of paper (a similar communication tool QQ) Sina recently copied a lot.

Reporter: Do you like the atmosphere between Sina seems very friendly and the?

Charles Zhang: Sina with friendly and we never had. Anyway, a few years later, when China has hundreds of millions of Internet users, the Sohu will continue to provide mainstream services, a portal company.

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Recorded with the popular film of your wonderful life

Popular Internet film (hereinafter referred to as popular) is a very good video-on-demand software, but I found that many users just as a video-on-demand / download software to use. In fact, still a popular film and television information community, the general film lovers can discuss movies, share video information, or record your own video of life. Popular film and television can be said that every one of the spiritual home fans.

One popular account registration

To a very good experience popular video community, the premise that come register an account, registration process is simple: start the popular, the click switch to "my popularity," and then click the "Register" to get started. Comparison of simplified registration information is entered, as long as the e-mail address, user name, password buttoned (Figure).

Second, throw out your opinion of your critics

With the popular account, you can begin our journey of life film. The first step is the most common is to state your point of view, throw your critics. Popular film and television works in each play is completed (pause will also show), the both will be displayed "I want to score" button, click on the browser after the call to open the video in comments published in page (figure). Now you can express their comments and critics of the film.

Tips: Here you can see the comments of other users and critics of the films and film stills, like the movie people also like information on what other information.

Evaluation: Evaluation of simple, including a simple comment and evaluation in two parts. Directly in the "evaluation" input box to write your Feedback on the movie, and then click on the "evaluation" to complete reviews published. Rating: Mouse Move "read" button that will display rating scale: very poor, poor, common, good, good, give them the right choice do you think you can.

Movie Review: In fact, popular film critic community, the equivalent of a log. If you watch the completed film critics would like to make it, just click "Write a short review" button to enter specific information input page (Figure).

Third, share bliss with everyone brilliant video tour

Movie Reviews page at the first screen, there is an unobtrusive text link, or "recommend to a friend." With this feature we can enjoy the film quickly recommend to other friends. After clicking, you can see the page shown to support the recommendation of three ways: friends, mail, forum or Blog. We can choose according to need, in different ways with different ways.

Fourth, personal video space

After registration as long as the popular account, in addition to the above-mentioned film to score, published film critic and other operations, you can also view other user's personal space, add friends, publish a daily mood log, sharing web sites, etc. services. But also extremely simple operation, simply click the button on the left side of correlation functions can be achieved.

5, richer popular video ranking

Popular client list is provided in popular film and television, but the popular film and television community to provide more extensive information. In addition to its ranking in various categories of content, also provides the fastest rise, watching the most, scoring the highest three categories of users more interactive with the list, users can fully reflect the reality of the current demand.

In the "My Space" page, click the "list", you can enter more detailed list page, click on the top right side of the "fastest rising", "Most Viewed" "highest score" (Figure) to see These three categories of content.

Popularity of the Internet community and the client had closely with the full advantages of network platforms for video fans record, manage and share their life with a quick TV channel, very practical, you may wish to try it over and over again !

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ansys Introduction slide

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The data entry for the ansys training materials, comprehensive, detailed explanation of the basic functions of Ansys and how to use these features. Available for download related to learning and training professionals to use.
Staff and organization
On the training courses
ANSYS product family
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Click to download


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Hot Standby knowledge

銆怰EVIEW銆?so-called hot standby is to use two servers to back up each other to jointly perform the same service, one of the hosts for the work machine (Primary Server), another host for the backup machine (Standby Server). In the system under normal circumstance, the working machine for the application service, the backup machine to monitor the operation of work machine (work machine while also testing the backup machine is normal), abnormal when the work machine, can not support the application of system operators, the backup machine initiative to take over the work of machine work, and continue to support critical applications, to ensure uninterrupted operation of the system.

What is a hot standby?

The so-called hot standby is to use two servers to back up each other to jointly perform the same service, one of the hosts for the work machine (Primary Server), another host for the backup machine (Standby Server). In the system under normal circumstance, the working machine for the application service, the backup machine surveillance operation machine (work machine while also tests the backup machine is normal), when the work machine abnormal operation of the system can not support the application, the backup machine initiative to take over the work of machine work, and continue to support critical applications, to ensure uninterrupted operation of the system.

Under what conditions to use hot standby?

Users can the importance of the system and end-user service disruption tolerance decision of whether to use hot standby. Example, users on the network can tolerate up to how long recovery? If the service can not quickly return to what would result in consequences. Commitment to critical business applications for enterprise servers that require high stability and availability, requires 7 脳 24 uninterrupted service, recommended to use hot standby.

I already have a RAID, and tape backup, is also necessary to do two-machine? Or, if I did a two-machine backup, tape backup is also necessary to do it?

RAID and data backup is very important. However, the hard disk RAID technology can not solve the problem, the backup system can only solve problems after recovery. Once the server itself is a problem, whether it is equipment, hardware problem or software problem, can cause service interruptions. Therefore, RAID and data backup technology can not avoid service disruption occur, the need for continuous and reliable delivery of application services, double still very necessary.

Data backup is essential to protect data security measures. Because whether or Dual RAID, is a real-time backup. Any software errors, virus, misuse, etc., will synchronize the data in more than an impact. Therefore, even with a pair of key business aircraft programs also still have to backup data in order to be able to data corruption, loss of time to recover.

How to choose and implement hot standby configuration program?

1. To application-oriented, high-availability for the purpose of analyzing the need for demand; 2. Choose to identify specific equipment, software, models and so on. Note that: different software or hard disk or other storage device, there is compatibility issues between them, so should consult professionals before buying to avoid purchasing the two units of the relevant software is not compatible storage devices such as the existence phenomenon. 3. In the implementation is completed, must be tested to ensure that work properly, but should be noted that in the regular course of operation of the system is switched to the normal test.


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Thursday, July 29, 2010

A spokesman for the Forum will be held the first press on Dec. 20 in Beijing

The first (China) spokesman Forum Invitation

China, the world financial crisis a major move to accelerate enterprise restructuring

A spokesman for the Forum and the First China News

Three decades of reform and opening up, China has made remarkable socio-economic development achievements. Communist Party Congress identified the road of socialism with Chinese characteristics, the Chinese spokesman has been further development. Education and Training Centre, the Economic Daily News has 20 years of professional expertise and years of training experience spokesman, press spokesman for the in-service training in the country has an important position in the field. Centre and the State Council Information Office, State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission and other ministries successfully held dozens of press spokesman for the courses, with remarkable results. A spokesman for the Forum will review the first press in China since reform and opening up spokesperson system construction journey, look to the future development direction for the press spokesman of the institutionalization, standardization, specialization, professional building experience sharing and exchange of ideas platform.

Approved by: Economic Daily

Academic support: Renmin University of China School of Journalism, Fudan University, Tsinghua University School of Journalism and Communication

Organizer: China International Economic and Technology Development Association, China Association of publication, the China International Public Relations Association, China Association for International Understanding

Sponsor: Education and Training Economic Daily, Beijing Economic Management Correspondence College, Beijing Silver Tree Cultural Center

Co-organizers: China Business News, China Journalists Association, the Chinese spokesman Club

Media Support: Xinhua News Agency, People's Daily, Guangming Daily, International Business Daily, Private Economy News

Journal of Media: Chinese entrepreneurs, economy, Chinese economic information, foreign large spread, the World Manager

TV Media: CCTV, CETV, Phoenix

Network Media: Sohu, China's spokesman Network (, China Economic Net

Time: December 20, 2008 - 21

Venue: Beijing's Great Hall

Attended the Expert: Zhao: CPPCC Foreign Affairs Committee, Dean of Renmin University

High Steel: Executive Vice President of People's University School of Journalism Ph.D.

Li Xiguang: Executive Dean of Tsinghua School of Journalism and Communication

Zhao Kai: Fudan University School of Journalism Dean

Liu Zhengrong: State Council Information Office news and propaganda, deputy director of the Board

Lu Weidong: State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission, Deputy Secretary for Publicity

Lin Yue-ran:: Economic Daily deputy editor

Qi Huaiyuan: Former Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs of China Overseas Friendship Association Past President

Shu Yi: the former curator of Modern Chinese Literature

Representatives invited to attend the Forum include:

Party and government departments, enterprises, social groups, senior management; Propaganda Department, News Center, Public Relations, Office of the Director and management staff; press spokesman and the spokesman of the work in the relevant personnel.

Main Forum Main topics:

1, the China News spokesman system development process building

2, the prestige of the leaders in crisis management

3, by the earthquake and the success of the Olympic Games press releases and news spokesman for the important role of shaping the national image.

Government Forum topics:

1, a government spokesman of the functions and system

2, press spokesman for the assessment of feedback mechanisms in

3, how the Government Crisis Response Network

Business Forum topics:

1, business functions and system spokesman

2, How to Deal with emergencies, interpretation Sanlu milk incident

3, how to transform business through the media crisis

4, communication between business and government relations

5, global recession, China's major move practical, How to Deal

To be special guest:

Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Water Resources, the State Sports General Administration, the Environmental Protection Department and other national ministries spokesman

Lenovo Group, China Mengniu Dairy, Volkswagen (China), Pacific Construction Group, Bright Dairy and some other business representatives

Xinhua News Agency, People's Daily, Guangming Daily, CCTV, Central Broadcasting Station, China Education Television and other media representatives
Related activities: the organization of press spokesman for the Association; Editors Forum spokesman TECHNOLOGY; Forum spokesman excellent selection; first press spokesman for the Professional (correspondence) course launch; spokesman for the central ministries and representatives of leading networking dinner to meet spend .

Fee: 3000 Yuan / person. Includes: conference fee; Great Hall of the stadium costs; Bulletin; photo; information stationery; system permits; lunch, dinner and other activities fee

Certificates: certification of all participants

Organizing Committee designated Payee: Beijing Cultural Exchange Centre, Silver Tree

Bank: Bank of Communications Beijing Branch Huizhong Beili

Account Number: 110060878018001643759

Organizing Committee Contact: Xili, Xuanwu District, Beijing Fayuan Temple Building 5, A 2, Education and Training Centre, the Economic Daily Post: 100052

Advisory Tel :010-63533426, 63534022, 63573860, 63573660, 86292815 Fax: 63534022

Watch Hotline :010-86292815 13521906088 13241423667

Project Leader: Chaudy Mobile: 13581607342

Implementation of the Secretary-General: Wang Ying wide Mobile: 13521906088

Education and Training Centre, the Economic Daily

The first (China) spokesman Forum Organizing Committee

Appendix: Chinese spokesman Club (CSC) Introduction

First, the Chinese spokesman Club (CSC) Introduction

Chinese spokesman Club (CSC) is spread by the International Centre of Tsinghua University, Weiming spread and some influential spokesman for the joint initiative was launched, and is tailored for the spokesman for the non-profit organization.

Chinese spokesman Club (CSC) aims to: promote the spokesman for the professionalism, standardization and internationalization, to promote among the spokesman, spokesman for the communications and exchanges with the media.

Chinese spokesman Club (CSC) currently more than 600 mainly Fortune 500 companies in China and 500 enterprises in China and his team services spokesman, welcomed the growth of the company to join the club.

Second, the sponsor profile

1, International Communications Research Center of Tsinghua University

International Communications Research Center, Tsinghua University, Tsinghua University, International Communications Research Centre, founded in the summer of 1999. It reforms and international media China News focus attention on China news dissemination in the international context, the hot and difficult problems facing the study of China's media policy, international public relations to provide academic value and practical significance of the decision-making.

Center will study and track public opinion trends, media, new means and new trends, make it with the Western media and academic exchange with the academic base for equality.

Director: Professor Li Xiguang

2, Weiming Communication (Eastern Unnamed Communication Research Centre)

Unnamed Communication (formerly North aspect Cultural Communication Technology Development Co., Ltd. Division) is committed to providing customers cross-media, cross-platform promotion of professional news services, the center relies on centuries-old Beijing culture and the unique human resources in the Peking University sector carried out under the guidance and support of professional speakers and meeting the media in the field, training, consulting and research services.

Center of the core team has been at the State Council Development Research Center and the Central Television and other agencies engaged in related research and project management. Advisory Board by domestic enterprises, finance, industry experts in the field of authority of the constitution, they will be personally directed or participated in business consulting and project launch.

Centre is the first public course to carry out corporate spokesman professional organization. "A spokesman for China Network" (, in line with the concept of creating value for the spokesman, is committed to being at home and abroad press spokesman and media online interactive home. Web site also to its member agencies to provide professional electronic version of the magazine --- "spokesman weekly";

The first Chinese national spokesman for Club (CSC), is dedicated to the spokesman between the structures between the spokesman and the media better online and offline communication platform.

Chinese spokesman Club (CSC) Member Services

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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Evasive: Intel's monopoly defense

Development and Reform Commission recently issued "anti-price monopoly" (The draft) has aroused wide concern. However, according to "China Business" report, much attention is not the provision itself, but the embarrassment suffered by that provision. This situation is not isolated, came into effect last year's "anti-monopoly law" up to now no one cheers. In the petroleum, petrochemical, civil aviation, telecommunications and other industries still called "500" of the central enterprises to conduct real time monopoly, introduced such a provision is naturally evasive.

In contrast, the European Union this year, Intel made the monopoly ruling against it is very powerful model called the field of anti-trust cases. Because of this ruling a strong anti-monopoly efforts, Intel today after a few months a number of defense it is very pale and weak.

Monopoly is a fair challenge, antitrust is a fair maintenance. We are familiar with a "sub-cake," the famous case, this case has fully proved economics, public policy and political science fair concept exist huge differences: economic ideas from a fair, pro-competition; public policy advocates in a really fair; and political science emphasized order. Intel faces antitrust in the decision, from the point of view for a fair view of economics, as the semiconductor industry is a competitive market. Starting point outside the main fair competition requires there to bind the third party monitoring, the EU antitrust ruling in the play is such a supervisory role.

In its ruling, the EU explicitly mentioned and described in clear violation of Intel from the principle of equality of two important initiatives: the exclusive and interference rebate incentives. The specific description of the former is the "Intel payments to the major retailers to require their global sales channel can only use Intel CPU's computer", this is certainly a commercial bribery; specific description of the latter is "to provide incentives to manufacturers to encourage They canceled and delayed introduction of AMD technology-based products ", which no doubt is a despicable act of unfair competition. According to media reports, the two measures is not just for the European market, but also in Korea and Japan and other Asian markets are also common, and therefore subject to fines.

Intel said in defense of the EU administration's decision is wrong, "not whether such measures were actually put AMD out of the market." I can not help laughing to see here; on Intel is, AMD is the CPU market, the only remaining competitor, if you wait until AMD "fact" is out of the market, it in fact is equal to the competitive environment has been completely destroyed, then even if a fine also conceding a.

Otellini in May this year, the EU had already opened a ticket on the day issued a statement, "the ruling of the European Union continued to ignore the performance of Intel's technological innovation capability, clear the interests of consumers has not been any damage." As consumers, we never very much like Intel in the contribution of technology innovation, and even appreciate Intel's superior in the performance of charities. But this has nothing to do with the monopoly of ruling like a condemned man suffered fault and punishment has nothing to do with his good deeds as usual. Moreover, innovation is not Intel's patents, AMD, Motorola's semiconductor industry innovation is brave; in my opinion, AMD Shangju fighting to this day, if not the Intel monopoly, perhaps Motorola's semiconductor business will go far also knowing .

Nobel Prize winner, called "economic miracle, the" father of the German economist Ludwig. Erhard in his famous "from the competition and prosperity" in his book said: the superiority of free competition drives people to must concentrate totally opposed to the existence of monopoly, monopoly should be against reason, reason is that it is sharp confrontation with the free competition.

From the perspective of antitrust to assess the competitive environment and corporate behavior is a contemporary sound obvious features of the market economy. When the anti-monopoly by advocating for the community, but as a monopoly business should not be, the market would gradually free competition in the future of optimism. Once the monopoly and poor business ethics linked to usher in the real environment on the health of free competition is only a matter of time.

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